Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Breast Cancer Health: Therapy Mission

“Through education, rehabilitation, exercise, and emotional support, we strive to empower our patients diagnosed with cancer to maintain and improve their quality of life during and following cancer treatments.”    Coleman 1999

Pre-operative Screening:

1 week prior to surgery

  • To provide education to reduce the RISK or PREVENTION of lymphedema, seroma formation, axillary web syndrome (AWS or Cording), bone-density decline, weight gain, fatigue, and breast cancer recurrence.
  • Assessment of relevant baseline measures prior to surgery: Upper-extremity range of motion, baseline posture, arm circumference, function, weight (BMI), and level of activity / exercise.

Post-operative Screening:

3-4 weeks after surgery

Assessment of post-operative issues such as reduced ROM, joint restrictions and function, post-op edema and lymphedema, postural dysfunction, hematomas, axillary web syndrome, scar adhesions, seromas, scapular winging/ weakness, and movement compensation.


  • Preventative
  • Restorative
  • Supportive

Strength after Breast Cancer

This program is an evidence-based rehabilitative exercise program for breast cancer survivors.  The program is 4+ exercise sessions of supervised, slow, progressive strength training. Exercise sessions will teach the concepts of: order of exercises and proper body mechanics, overall arm load, gradual weight progression, and awareness of symptom changes.

Our Occupational Therapist

Rachel Yochim, MSOT, OTR/L, CLT

Rachel has been a practicing clinician working in various settings with a widespread of diagnoses. She was an occupational therapist assistant and transitioned to an occupational therapist in 2019. Rachel has furthered her education to specialize in lymphedema management with a focus on the breast cancer population. She also specializes in pregnancy and post-partum corrective exercises with Women’s Health breastfeeding therapy.

Certifications and Services

  • Klose Training: Certified Lymphedema Therapist, 2020 & Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, 2021
  • Rehabilitation and therapy offered for lumpectomy, mastectomy, and lymphedema

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Please contact Women’s Health Therapy, your surgeon, oncologist, or primary care physician for a referral. We can help provide supportive treatment and education for a healthy YOU!

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Women’s Health Therapies are located in room 122 at Meadville Medical Center’s Grove Street Facility. Follow the signs upon entering through the main doors!

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