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The effect our laboratory at Meadville Medical Center (MMC) has on the people of this community is quite evident when given the number of tests performed there. In one recent year alone, our lab personnel performed over 1 MILLION tests of all types! The volume increases every year due to changes in research and diagnostic tests—the further the advancements in research, the more tests our technologists are asked to perform! Read answers to frequently asked questions on our Lab FAQ page.

Laboratory and Pathology Staff

Medical laboratory personnel are one of the largest groups of ancillary healthcare workers. Our laboratory is operated by approximately 67 staff members, including medical technologists, clerical staff, phlebotomists, and pathologists Dr. David W. Azar and Dr. Mushal Noor. The lab is staffed 24 hours a day by these highly trained individuals who work in various areas within the department.

Blood samples can provide information to physicians that can be obtained in no other way. The actual chemical composition of the blood and blood components can be measured to aid in prevention, treatment and management of illness or disease. According to, Eric Shaffer, manager of laboratory services at MMC: “The purpose of the lab is to provide objective information to the medical staff to be used for the diagnosis and treatment of their patient. This information can be used by physicians to complement their physical examination of the patient.”

Laboratory Services and Resources


Laboratory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Our laboratory services at Meadville Medical Center (MMC) are dedicated to the best, most advanced

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If you are a healthcare professional looking for lab services such as test lists, instructions, and other documentation, that information can be found under professional laboratory resources.

MMC Laboratory Locations

Meadville Medical Center Liberty Street Facility 751 Liberty Street
Liberty Street Facility
751 Liberty Street, Meadville, PA, 16335
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Meadville Medical Center, One Vernon Place, 11277 Vernon Place Rd. Meadville, PA
One Vernon Place
11277 Vernon Place, Meadville, PA, 16335
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