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Hospice is a positive support system for families and those who are in the last stages of a terminal illness. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death, rather, it promotes the concept of comfort, dignity and respect for all persons until the moment of death. Hospice is all about living—living to the utmost until it is time to say farewell. Hospice is designed to help people who are nearing the end of life’s journey to live as fully as possible at home, in familiar surroundings, close to family and friends.

Hospice Makes the Road Less Lonely

Our hospice program and The Marquette Hospice House give attention to the needs of the whole person—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Like the spokes of a wheel, our interdisciplinary group of physicians, nurses, social workers, spiritual counselors, home health aides and volunteers work together as a team to assess and meet the needs of the patient and their family, always keeping the patient at the hub of the wheel.

We believe fear of the unknown makes the journey more difficult. We educate the patient and family about the illness, its symptoms and treatment, pain control, and the grieving process. Our hospice program also serves as a guide through the final months to help know what to expect. Our mission and philosophy statements sum up our approach to hospice care:

Our Philosophy: Dying is a normal process of life.

Our Mission: To enable patients nearing life’s end to live free of pain, symptoms, and anxieties and empower them and their families to experience an optimum quality of life.

Hospice Team Roles

Hospice of Crawford County provides individualized end-of-life care to patients in their home environment. Home environment includes the patient or family home, an assisted living facility, a group home, a long-term care facility, or the Marquette Hospice House. Our specialized, professional team provides care in accordance with patient and family goals.


All care is provided under the direction of either your primary care physician or the hospice medical director. The physician is contacted for any change in your condition requiring a change in medication and / or treatment. In addition to as-needed contact, your hospice team provides your primary physician with a written report summarizing your condition. Our medical directors meet regularly with the hospice team to review all patients and their conditions.

Skilled Nursing

Registered nurses make regularly scheduled visits to patients providing physical assessments, pain and other symptom management, wound care and treatments, and education and support to caregivers assisting them to provide for their loved one’s care needs. The registered nurse ensures patients have all medications, supplies, and equipment necessary for care. In addition, registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any concerns, problems, and emergencies. Occasionally, patients may be visited by licensed practical nurses that provide care under the direction of the registered nurse.

Contributing to the Community Through Hospice

Kate Hartshorne, RN and Clinical Manager of Hospice of Crawford County, describes the privilege of providing care during a patient’s most vulnerable moments during the end of his/her compassionate journey.

Why One Nurse Chose the Role of Hospice Care

Corey Young, BSN/RN, reflects upon his experiences in school and the initial professional experiences that prepared him for a role as a hospice nurse, and how caring for hospice patients motivates him everyday.

Hospice of Crawford County Careers

More information about hospice nursing and other careers can be found at careers.mmchs.org or directly at the link below:

Social Services

Our social workers provide education, support, and assistance regarding non-medical needs. They are available to assist with advanced directives / living wills, financial or legal concerns, accessing community resources and any identified social needs.


The chaplain is available to assist with any spiritual needs for both the patient and caregivers. Our chaplain is also available to perform funerals when requested.

Hospice Aides

Our hospice aides are certified nurse aides. They provide personal care to patients on a regularly scheduled basis. Hospice aides are available to assist with light housekeeping. They also provide the “little things that mean so much” such as back rubs, styling hair, painting fingernails, soaking feet, and other services. Hospice aides are an important source of support for caregivers and patients

Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteers

Our volunteer coordinator is responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising our dedicated and active corps of volunteers. Volunteers provide a wide variety of services including visiting / supporting patients and caregivers, staying with patients to allow caregivers some rest and opportunities to run errands and so on, office support and fundraising.

Hospice Services We Provide

We understand that our care does not end with the patient’s death. We are committed to providing bereavement support for the year following the death. We also provide the community with monthly Bereavement Support groups as well as Bereavement Class series offered twice yearly. The hospice concept is predominantly a home health care program of services. This can include caring for patients who reside in a personal care home. We also provide hospice services for patients in an extended care facility, the Marquette Hospice House. In addition, we oversee inpatient respite care.

Who Is Eligible for Hospice Care?

Hospice is available to any resident of Crawford County or contiguous areas of surrounding counties who have been diagnosed as having a limited life expectancy. The patient must be under the care of a physician who authorizes the ongoing plan of care and who works in affiliation with the interdisciplinary hospice group of caregivers. There must be at least one individual in the household willing to help provide care and assistance to the patient.


Hospice of Crawford County, Inc. is a non-profit organization affiliated with Community Health Services of Crawford County, Meadville Medical Center and the United Way. We are Medicare and Medicaid certified and a member of the Pennsylvania Hospice Network and National Hospice Organization. Hospice care is fully covered by Medicare, Medical Assistance and most private insurance plans.

Hospice of Crawford County is:

  • Palliative Care Certified
  • Medicare Certified
  • Licensed in Pennsylvania
  • A United Way Agency

Our medical directors at Hospice of Crawford County are board certificated in Hospice and Palliative Care, and we are members of National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization as well as the Pennsylvania Hospice Network

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