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Rehabilitation benefits people of all ages with temporary or permanent functional disabilities, from the young adult with multiple traumas to the elderly person with a broken hip. For all patients, the rehabilitation team’s goal remains the same: Restoring the patient’s physical independence.

Medical rehabilitation may help in cases of a stroke, amputation, arthritis, joint replacement, major multiple trauma, neurological disorders, certain burns, spinal cord and orthopedic injuries. The Medical Rehabilitation Unit at Meadville Medical Center (MMC) provides comprehensive care and promotes the restoration of health for patients coping with a disabling disease or trauma.

By focusing on the whole person—physically, mentally and socially—the rehabilitation team helps the patient find new ways to accomplish the tasks of daily living. Regaining confidence through re-mastering motor and social skills, the rehabilitation patient can once again enjoy a whole life.

About Our Meadville Rehabilitation Facility

Medical rehabilitation is available in our region at the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit of Meadville Medical Center. This unit delivers services for a diverse range of disabling injuries and illnesses. An 11-bed unit is located at the Grove Street facility of Meadville Medical Center. The unit is staffed by the rehabilitation team who works together with the patient and family to coordinate a care plan. The full resources and medical / surgical staff of Meadville Medical Center are available, as needed, to all patients on the Rehabilitation Unit.

The Rehabilitation Team

When illness or injury strikes, devastating changes occur in lifestyle. The Medical Rehabilitation Team’s focus is to restore that lifestyle. The Rehabilitation Team is made up of a group of physicians and specialists who develop a therapeutic program for the individual patient.

The team includes:

  • Medical Director – The medical director, a physician with specialized training in physical medicine and rehabilitation, directs the rehabilitation services.
  • Personal Physician – The patient’s personal physician addresses the medical needs of the patient, working closely with the medical director.
  • Physical Therapist – A physical therapist identifies functional disabilities resulting from illness or injury. Each individual works with the therapist to perform an exercise program designed to improve strength, stamina, and muscle function. The most current and continually advancing therapeutic approaches and specialized equipment are used by physical therapy. The goal is to restore those abilities, such as walking, which previously were taken for granted.
  • Occupational Therapist – An occupational therapist focuses evaluation and treatment on the living skills that are required for each individual to function as independently as possible in his / her unique home environment. The occupational therapist works with the patient on daily activities such as dressing, toileting, grooming, and meal preparation. These activities provide the opportunity to work on mobility, strengthening and problem solving to enhance the patient’s overall independence.
  • Speech Pathologist – A speech pathologist works with the patient to develop swallowing, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The speech pathologist can teach the patient to use special communication devices when speech is not possible.
  • Rehabilitation Nurse – The rehabilitation nurse supervises the 24-hour care of the patient. The nurse also reinforces the instructions of other team members and provides educational instruction on topics such as medication and bowel / bladder training.
  • Nutritional Therapist – A registered dietitian assesses the patient’s nutritional status upon admission. The dietitian works with team members to develop a meal plan best suited to the patient’s medical and functional needs.

Admission Process

A patient is referred to the Rehabilitation Unit by his / her attending physician. If the attending physician has been granted privileges at Meadville Medical Center, a patient admitted to the Rehabilitation Unit may choose to continue under the personal physician’s care. In other cases, a patient may have a physician with privileges at MMC assigned.

Family Involvement & Visiting Hours

Family and friends are important members of the Rehabilitation Team. Family conferences are held to encourage participation in the treatment plan as well as therapies as the patient develops new skills. Visiting hours are from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and 11:00 am – 8:00 pm Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Special visiting times are arranged as needed.

Typical Day on the Rehabilitation Unit: What to Expect

You will be awakened at about 6:00 am by the nursing staff for morning grooming. This includes washing face and hands, combing your hair, and brushing your teeth. Once completed, you will be allowed to retire to your bed again until Occupational Therapy arrives in the morning. Occupational Therapy will arrive before breakfast to assist you with getting dressed. You are asked to bring comfortable clothing—what you would wear at home. It is important that you are comfortable for therapies and able to move freely. We also encourage you to bring your own toiletries.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Rehabilitation Unit are served in the central dining room of the department. Your family members or guests are welcome to join you during meal times. After breakfast, you will be taken to the first floor area for about 1.5 hours of therapy before lunch. Once lunch is over, a rest period is available before receiving therapy again in the afternoon. Following the dinner meal, the staff will assist you with a shower and prepare you for bed. After your day of therapy is complete, there is adequate time for visiting with family and friends.

General Information about the Rehabilitation Department

All services offered by Meadville Medical Center are available to you while you are a patient in the Rehabilitation Unit. Some studies ordered by your physician may need to be done at the Liberty Street facility. If this is necessary, you will be transported to Liberty Street by ambulance.

Your attending physician will continue to direct your care after you transfer to the Rehabilitation Unit. The Medical Director has special training in physical medicine and rehabilitation and he will coordinate with the multidisciplinary team for a plan of care that will meet your needs. When/if there is a change in your medical condition during Rehab, every effort will be made to contact your family regarding this change.

Your insurance company guidelines will be followed for admission and continued care in the Rehab Unit. It is imperative that we have your correct insurance identification or policy numbers to protect you from any penalty that might be imposed by the insurance company.


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