Intensive Transitional Care

Rehabilitation and Nursing Care from Compassionate Medical Professionals

After a severe injury, strong illness, or surgical procedure, your recovery will likely require more than just bed rest and traditional hospitalization. You may require directed rehabilitative treatments and ongoing nursing care. At Meadville Medical Center (MMC), we have a dedicated Transitional Care Unit (TCU) to provide our patients with a safe, supportive environment to continue healing and reach a maximum medical improvement.

Our TCU team is comprised of various medical professionals, including:

  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists
  • Dietician
  • Pharmacists
  • Support Staff
  • Specialty Doctors

We know that what you need to reach a total recovery can change at a moment’s notice depending on your injuries or health complications. Our well-rounded intensive transitional care program is designed to provide attentive and reactive care around-the-clock. You can also count on interdisciplinary team meetings that keep you and your family aware of your progress and what to expect in the days to come.

Specialized Treatments at the Meadville Medical Center TCU

Patients who have already undergone extensive initial medical care can still encounter significant complications during furthered recovery. The purpose of our Transitional Care Unit at Meadville Medical Center is to provide care that minimizes the chances of complications, and reacts quickly and accordingly to any needs that do arise. It is our goal to get you feeling better and being healthy again as soon as possible.

Some specialized treatments available at our TCU include:

  • Respiratory care and intervention
  • Sanitized wound dressing and redressing
  • IV antibiotics to prevent infection
  • Scheduled therapy sessions

To learn more about referrals and admissions to Meadville Medical Center’s Transitional Care Unit, please call the TCU Case Manager’s desk at 814-333-5928. General information about the TCU is available by dialing 814-333-5950. You can also fax the TCU directly at fax number: 814-333-5956.

Transitional Care at Titusville Area Hospital

Intensive Transitional Care at Titusville Area Hospital is a patient-centered, high quality program for hospitalized patients recovering from illness or surgery who may no longer need to be in a traditional hospital setting but are not yet ready to go home.

We staff a multidisciplinary care team of nurses, physicians, physical therapists, medical specialties, and a support staff. The ultimate goal of this program is to help patients gain strength and endurance after illness or surgery to ensure they are ready to return home safely. Our staff pays personal attention to each patient’s goals and desires so they can customize treatment according to their specific situation.

Key Features:

  • A personalized plan of care
  • Bedside rounds that engage you, your family and your care team to help you reach your goals
  • Hospital level nurse staffing to keep you safe and meet your needs
  • Promotes a home-like environment accommodating family and individualized activity programs, as well as therapy in several environments
  • Our on-site physician, therapy, radiology, laboratory and pharmacy teams will address all your medical needs

Our team is especially equipped to meet the needs of even the most complex patients. This includes:

  • Respiratory needs with specialized treatments supported by respiratory therapy staff
  • Wound care with special attention for wound healing
  • Intravenous (I.V.) antibiotics to treat a variety of infections
  • Specialized therapy including physical, occupational, speech and respiratory, and an array of supportive services

For more information, contact the intensive transitional care program coordinator at Titusville Area Hospital at 814 827-1851, extension 5810.

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