Lab Test Resources

Health Care professionals can find lab test resources for patient preparation and specimen collection. EMR vendors should search and download the compendiums for current test orders and result codes and other mapping information.


Please utilize the links below to access the most current information regarding new tests, changes to existing tests, and other important updates to our test compendiums for Laboratory and Microbiology. These files are updated daily.

Laboratory: MMC Lab Compendium

Microbiology: MMC Lab Compendium Micro

Pathology: MMC Lab Compendium Path

Custom Panels

  • Cardiolipin Ab, IgG
  • Cardiolipin Ab, IgM
  • Anti-Thrombin III (Activity)
  • Protein C, Functional(Activity)
  • Protein S, Functional(Activity)
  • Lupus Anticoagulant Evaluation
  • Prothrombin Gene Analysis
  • Factor V Leiden
  • CBC with Auto DIff
  • Prenatal ABORH ABS
  • Hepatitis BS Ag
  • Rubella IgG
  • RPR w Rfx
  • HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Screen w Rfx
  • Complement C3
  • Complement C4
  • Sjogren’S Ab SSA
  • Sjogren’S Ab SSB
  • DNA(Ds) Antibodies
  • Anti-Nuclear Ab Scrn/Rfx,IFA
  • Ribonucleoprotein Antibody
  • Anti-Smith Antibody
  • Chromatin Antibody
  • Complement Total (CH50)
  • Complement C3
  • Complement C4
  • Rheumatoid Factor Screen
  • Strep Pneu Ab IgG 14 Serotypes
  • Sjogren’S Ab SSA
  • Sjogren’S Ab SSB
  • Scleroderma 70 Antibody
  • DNA(Ds) Antibodies
  • Centromere B Antibody
  • Anti Mitochondrial Ab
  • Smooth Muscle Ab With Reflex
  • Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody
  • Anti-Nuclear Ab Scrn/Rfx,IFA
  • SM/RNP Ab
  • Anti-Smith Antibody
  • Striated Muscle Ab w/ Reflex
  • Parietal Cell AB w/Rflx
  • Myocardial Antibody w/ Reflex

Required Test Prep

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