Fibrin Split Products, Plasma

Methodology: Latex Agglutination Using Monoclonal Antibodies

Specimen Requirements: 1 blue-top (citrate) tube (minimum: the remaining platelet-poor plasma separated from 2.7 ml whole blood). Fill tube to capacity. Centrifuge immediately at full speed for 15 minutes. The plasma must be taken off the cells immediately. Place the top 1.0 mL of plasma into a plastic transport vial. (Glass tubes are not acceptable.) Send specimen frozen in plastic vial if the delivery time exceeds 2 hours.


  • Tube must be filled to capacity.
  • If using a butterfly collection set, fill a 1 mL waste tube prior to blue-top. This ensures full blood volume in blue-top.

Analytical Time: 1 day

Days Set Up: Monday through Sunday

CPT Information:
85362 –

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