Code of Conduct

Our Expectations of Visitor Conduct

Updated March 20, 2023

Meadville Medical Center respectfully requests that patients and visitors follow these expectations when visiting. For visitation times, please check directly with the specific unit you plan to visit.

Patients and visitors will treat our employees, other visitors, and patients with dignity and respect:
Patients and visitors will not physically or verbally threaten any person and we will not tolerate disruptive language or violent behavior. Behavior including but not limited to: menacing, derogatory gestures, racial, cultural or sexual slurs directed to patients, visitors or staff will not be tolerated.
Making threats of violence through phone calls, letters, voicemail, email or other forms of written, verbal or electronic communication is prohibited.
Weapons are not permitted within MMC facilities:
We ask that you leave any weapons in your vehicles.
All persons are required to be screened for weapons prior to entering the facility.
Possession and/or use of street drugs and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the property.
Be courteous with the use of your cell phone and other electronic devices.
Creating photographs and / or videos of patients or staff is prohibited.

Violation of MMC's Code of Conduct

The hospital has the right to restrict visitation based on an individual’s behavior, and any other circumstances deemed inappropriate by the hospital’s administration.

If we believe you have violated the Code by words or actions, you will be given an opportunity to explain your point of view.  We will consider your response before we make decisions limiting future care at Meadville Medical Center.  We will not restrict or limit visitation on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. MMC does reserve the right to restrict visitation based on an individual’s behavior or any other circumstance deemed to negatively impact patient, staff or visitor safety or wellbeing.

Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. Please show them the respect they deserve as they carry out their duties to care for your loved one. Visitors who do not comply with this Code of Conduct will be asked to leave MMC property and may be escorted by Security.

Thank you for your cooperation.