Sputum Culture/Gram Stain

Additional Info:
Test includes culture and gram stain. If indicated, further testing considered medically appropriate will be reflexed, resulting in additional charges.

Methodology: Multiple methodologies

Specimen Requirements:

Unacceptable specimen:

  • Submitted in kleenex
  • Collected on swabs
  • Present with excess oral contamination

Collect a sputum from first morning, deep cough in a screw-capped, sterile container supplied by Meadville Medical Center Laboratory. To remove some indigenous flora of mouth area, have patient rinse mouth with water just prior to obtaining specimen. Refrigerate specimen after collection Maintain sterility and forward promptly.


  • Avoid contaminating the specimen with saliva.
  • All specimens will be screened for oropharyngeal contamination upon receipt of the specimen. If excess contamination is present, the specimen will be rejected, and a new specimen will be requested.
  • Refer to “Patient Information” section in back of manual for patient handout explaining collection information for this test.

Analytical Time:
Preliminary report: 1 day
Final report: 2-3 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Sunday

CPT Information:
87070 – culture
87205 –
gram stain

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