Pyruvate, Blood

Methodology: Enzymatic

Specimen Requirements: 1 lavender-top (EDTA) tube (minimum:2.0 mL of EDTA plasma) Treat as follows:

Immediately mix 4 mL EDTA whole blood with 4 mL ice cold 7% or 8% Perchloric Acid. Let mixture stand for 10 minutes. Centrifuge and remove supernatant. Submit supernatant refrigerated in a plastic vial.

Please specify on the request form volumes of blood and Perchloric Acid used.
Minimum: 2 mL EDTA whole blood mixed with 2 mL perchloric acid
Pyruvate levels decrease rapidly if protein precipitation is not performed immediately.

Analytical Time:
3 days

Days Set Up: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

CPT Information:
84210 –