Prothrombin Gene Analysis (Factor II Mutation)

Useful For:
The Prothrombin (Factor II) 20210A mutation is associated with elevated prothrombin concentrations and is the second most common inherited risk factor for venous thrombosis. Risk is amplified if combined with Factor V Leiden mutation or other risk factors such as oral contraceptive use.

Methodology: Hybeacons

Specimen Requirements:

Preferred Specimen(s):
5 mL whole blood collected in an EDTA (lavender-top) tube (min. 3 mL)

Alternative Specimen(s):
Whole blood collected in: EDTA (royal blue-top), sodium heparin (green-top), lithium heparin (green-top), ACD solution A (yellow-top) or ACD solution B (yellow-top)

Analytical Time: 4-5 days

Days Set Up: Monday, Saturday

CPT Information:
83891 –
isolation or extraction
83896 – x 2 Molec dx; nucl acd probe, each
83912 – interpretation & report
83892 – Molec dx; enzym digest, each
83908 – Molec dx; ampl, signal, each