Platelet Antibody IGG Direct, Blood

Additional Info: Includes IgG only.

Useful For:
Thrombocytopenia that is refractory to platelet transfusions may be due to direct platelet antibody. Testing is useful to differentiate immune from nonimmune disorders.

Methodology: Flow Cytometry (FC)

Specimen Requirements:
2 lavender-top (EDTA) tubes (5 ml minimum volume) drawn Monday through Thursday only. Store specimen at room temperature after collection. Minimum volume is dependent on patient’s platelet count:

Platelet Count = Min Volume
>45,000 = 2 mL
20,000-45,000 = 5 mL
<20,000 = 10 mL
Pediatric minimum volume: If possible = 1 mL EDTA blood.


  • Stable at Room Temperature for 6 days.

Analytical Time: 4 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Sunday

CPT Information:
86023 –

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