Oxalate (24 Hr), Urine

Additional Info: Includes creatinine

Useful For:
Excessive oxalates in the urine may lead to oxalate kidney stones. Hyperoxaluria may be due to a rare inherited metabolic disorder in which the body produces excess of the salt oxalate leading to stone formation.

Methodology: Spectrophotometry

Specimen Requirements: Submit an entire 24-hour urine collection in a urine container supplied by Meadville Medical Center Laboratory. Add 25mL of 6N HCL as preservative at start of collection. This preservative is intended to achieve a pH of <3. Refrigerate specimen during and after collection.


  • Patient should refrain from taking excessive amounts of ascorbic acid or oxalate-rich foods (i.e., spinach, coffee, tea, chocolate, rhubarb) for at least 48 hours before the collection period.
  • See “Urine Collection” located in “Specimen Collection & Preparation” section for timed collection instructions. Also, refer to “Patient Information” section in back of manual for patient handout explaining collection information for this test.

Analytical Time:
3 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Friday

CPT Information:
83945 – oxalate
82570 – creatinine