Ova and Parasite (O & P) Exam, Feces

Useful For: Disease caused by human parasites remains worldwide, among the principal causes of morbidity and mortality. Symptoms range from malaise to death. Treatment is dependent upon examining multiple stool exams due to the erratic shed rates of some parasites.

Methodology: Microscopic Exam of Concentrate and Trichrome Stain

Specimen Requirements: Collection of a Stool specimen:

The collection kit contains three vials and instructions. Collect the stool specimen in a wide mouth container, bedpan, plastic “hat”, or plastic bag placed over the toilet.

  • Do not pass the specimen into the toilet or directly into collection vials.
  • Do not mix urine or water with the sample.

Open the vial carefully. Using the collection spoon attached to the cap, transfer enough stool into the container until the liquid in the container comes up to the black arrow on the label. Fill only one vial at a time and replace the cap onto the same vial when done. Mix well by shaking vigorously after capping. If you are filling the empty vial, fill to one half full with stool specimen. Wash hands thoroughly.

Label specimen with your name and date and time of collection. We cannot accept unlabeled specimens. Make sure vials are closed tightly. Place the vials in the original package. Keep refrigerated and bring back to the laboratory as soon as possible within 24 hours of collection.

*If your physician has ordered a series, for example, you are to collect 3 different specimens; you need to collect specimens from 3 separate bowel movements or days.

  • For a stool culture use the Green top container.
  • For a Crypto/Giardia or an O&P (travel history required) use the yellow container.
  • For a C diff, VRE, Rotavirus or a Fecal Lactoferrin use the white (plain) container.

If not all vials are needed/tests not requested return the vials to the laboratory.
If unable to obtain an adequate volume of stool for all containers, place in the white cap vial, refrigerate and bring to the laboratory as soon as possible <24hrs.

Interfering Substances:
bismuth, barium (wait 7-10 days)
antimicrobial agents (wait 2 weeks)
gallbladder dye (wait 3 weeks after procedure)

Analytical Time:
7 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Sunday

CPT Information:
87177 – Ova & Parasite smear, conc, and ID
87209 – Smear, Special stain

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