Lyme Disease (B. Burgdorferi) Western Blot, IgG & IgM

Useful For:
Lyme disease is transmitted by a tick vector carrying Borrelia burgdorferi. Immunoblot testing qualitatively examines, with high specificity, antibodies in a patient’s specimen. Immunoblot testing is appropriate for confirming a detected EIA or IFA test result.

Methodology: Immunoblot (IB)

Specimen Requirements: 1 yellow-top SST tube (minimum: 0.1 mL of serum). Centrifuge SST within 30 minutes after draw. Refrigerate specimen after collection.

NOTE: Hemolysis, lipemia and microbial contamination may affect results.

Analytical Time:
4 days

Days Set Up: Monday & Wednesday

CPT Information:
86617 – X2