HIV-1 RNA, QNT (PCR), Plasma

Useful For:
This test is intended for the use, in conjunction with clinical presentation and other laboratory markers of disease progression, for the clinical management of HIV-1 infected patients. The test can be used to assess patient prognosis by measuring the baseline HIV-1 RNA level or to monitor the effects of antiretroviral therapy by measuring changes in EDTA plasma HIV-1 RNA levels during the course of antiretroviral treatment.

Methodology: Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction

Specimen Requirements: 1 white-top (PPT-EDTA) tube (minimum: 1.1 mL of EDTA plasma). Centrifuge white–top soon after collecting and FREEZE immediately. Send specimen frozen.


  • Do not thaw.
  • Lavender-top (EDTA plasma) is also acceptable. If using this tube, separate plasma and freeze in a plastic vial.

Analytical Time: 2 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Saturday

CPT Information:
87536 – HIV-1, quantification

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