Herpes Culture, Rapid w/ Typing

Additional Info:
If indicated, further testing considered medically appropriate will be reflexed, resulting in additional charges.

Methodology: Spin Amplification Culture w/Elvis Detection

Specimen Requirements:
Acceptable specimen:
Lesion aspirate, cervical, vaginal, urogenital, nasopharyngeal, throat, conjunctival, CSF, or tissue specimen submitted in UTM medium.

Collect specimen using the UTM ViroPak ™ media tube provided by Meadville Medical Center Laboratory. Refrigerate specimen after collection.

Urine is an acceptable source.
Do not use calginate swabs or those with wooden shafts, as they may yield false negative results.
Do not freeze specimen or leave at room temperature.
Indicate source on specimen container and on order form.
Important to deliver specimen immediately to lab. Specimens greater than 48 hours are unacceptable.

Analytical Time: 4 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Sunday

CPT Reflex: Reflex Code: 87140-typing

CPT Information:
87255 –
Virus isolation, including ID

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