Hepatitis C, RNA, Genotype, Gene Sequencing

Useful For:
Hepatitis C genotype is a predictor of response to interferon alfa-2b (non-type 1 are better responders) and to combination therapy with interferon and ribavirin (all types respond but dosage and duration of treatment is dependent on genotype; Type 1 requires extended treatment).

Methodology: Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction, Line Probe Assay

Specimen Requirements: 1 white-top (PPT-EDTA) tube (minimum: 0.6 mL of EDTA plasma). Centrifuge white-top within 30 minutes after draw. Send specimen frozen in plastic vial.

Yellow-top SST tube (serum), lavender-top (EDTA plasma) or yellow-top (solution ACD-B plasma) is also acceptable. If using these tubes, separate serum or plasma and freeze in a plastic vial.

Analytical Time: 2 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Friday

CPT Information:
87902 – molecular dx; inter & rpt