Hemoglobinopathy Evaluation, Blood

Additional Info:
Test includes: Hemoglobin A, Hemoglobin F, Hemoglobin, Hemoglobin A2 (Quant), Hemoglobin S, Hemoglobin C, Hemoglobin E and any hemoglobin variants, Red Blood Cell Count, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, MCV, MCH, RDW

Methodology: High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Electrophoresis, Coulter Gen-S

Specimen Requirements:
2 lavender-top (EDTA) tubes (minimum: 3.0 mL of EDTA whole blood). Refrigerate specimen after collection.

Analytical Time: 4 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Saturday

CPT Information:
83021 – hemoglobin F
85018 – hemoglobin
85014 – hematocrit
85041 – Blood count, RBC, automated