Fungal Culture Hair Skin Nails

Additional Info: This test includes a direct KOH. Specimens submitted on media will not have a smear performed.

If culture is positive, identification will be performed at an additional charge.

Methodology: Calcofluor White Stain; Culture

Specimen Requirements: Collect specimen by scraping infected skin area with scalpel blade into sterile, screw-cap container. Please indicate source of specimen on the specimen container.

Submit hair or nails in a sterile, screw-cap container.

Transport specimens at room temperature.

Analytical Time: 27 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Sunday

CPT Information:

87101 Fungus Culture 87220 KOH

If culture is positive identification will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 87106 or 87107 or 87140 or 87143 or 87149 or 87158).

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