Factor II Activity

Useful For:
This test is useful to evaluate a prolonged PT. Deficiency is associated with bleeding risk.

Methodology: Photometric Clot Detection

Specimen Requirements: 1 blue-top (citrate) tube (minumum: the remaining platelet poor plasma separated from 2.7 ml whole blood). Centrifuge blue-top within 60 minutes of collection. Separate plasma and FREEZE immediately. Send specimen frozen in plastic vial. Do not refrigerate.

If using a butterfly collection set, fill a 1 mL waste tube prior to blue-top. This ensures full blood volume in blue-top.
Draw specimen by vacuum.
Hemolyzed specimens are not acceptable.
Tube must be filled to capacity (not overfilled).
If collecting multiple factor studies, draw each factor in separate tube.

Analytical Time: 3 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Friday

CPT Information:
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