Collagen Cross-Linked N-Telopeptide (NTx), Urine

Additional Info: Test includes N-Telopeptide and creatinine.

Useful For: NTx is useful to assess bone resorption in patients with metabolic bone disease and to monitor therapy to slow or halt osteoporotic bone loss. A decline of 30% or more of NTx over a six-month period suggests effective therapy.

Methodology: Enhanced Chemiluminescence

Specimen Requirements:

USE SECOND MORNING VOID ONLY, 2 mL urine from second morning void (minimum volume 1.0 ml), refrigerated. DO NOT COLLECT FIRST AM VOID.

Unpreserved random urine, unpreserved catheterized urine, or unpreserved first void clean catch urine.

NOTE: See “Urine Collection” located in “Specimen Collection & Preparation” section for timed collection instructions. Also refer to “Patient Information” section in back of manual for patient handout explaining collection information for this test.

Days Set Up: Monday through Saturday

CPT Information:
82523 – Collagen cross links, any method
82570 – Creatinine; other source

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