Bordetella Pertussis DFA & Culture

Additional Info:
Test includes bordetella pertussis culture and DFA smear. If indicated, further testing considered medically appropriate will be reflexed, resulting in additional charges.

Methodology: Fluorescent antibody stain, culture on selective medium

Specimen Requirements: Collect 2 nasopharyngeal specimens using minitip swabs. Place 1 swab in Amies Charcoal or Regan-Lowe transport medium and recap. Use second swab to prepare two smears. Allow smears to air dry. Store and transport specimen at room temperature.

Do not fix. Print patient’s name (or patient identification label) on frosted end of slide.
Performing lab must receive the specimen within 24 hours.
Do not use rayon or cotton swabs.

Analytical Time:
8 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Sunday

CPT Information:
87081 – bordetella pertussis culture
87265 – DFA smear