Antithrombin III, Functional (Activity), Plasma

Useful For:
Aids in the detection of hypercoagulable states associated with venous thrombotic episodes. May be useful in patients who appear to be hyporesponsive to heparin.

Methodology: Chromogenic

Specimen Requirements:
1 blue-top (citrate) tube (minumum: the remaining platelet poor plasma separated from 2.7 mL whole blood).
**Frozen plasma-Process within 1 Hr from collection.
Submit PLATELET-POOR Plasma (RPC) result with specimen
Thawed or hemolyzed specimens are not acceptable.
*Please submit a separate, frozen vial for each special
coagulation assay ordered. Preferred Vol: 1 ml Min Vol: 0.5 ml

Tube must be filled to capacity.
If using a butterfly collection set, fill a 1 mL waste tube prior to blue-top. This ensures full blood volume in blue-top.
Do not overfill tube.
Do not thaw.
Hemolyzed specimens are not acceptable.

Analytical Time:
2 days

Days Set Up: Monday through Friday

CPT Information:
85300 –