Amiodarone, Serum

Additional Info:
Includes metabolite desethylamiodarone

Useful For: Amiodarone is an antiarrythmic drug. Therapeutic drug monitoring is useful to monitor compliance and avoid toxicity.

Methodology: High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Specimen Requirements:
1 plain, red-top tube (minimum: 1 mL of serum). Centrifuge red-top 30 minutes after draw. Refrigerate specimen after collection.

SST tube not acceptable.
1 lavender-top tube (EDTA plasma) is also acceptable.
Normal lower limits of the drug will not be detectable in specimen volumes of less than 0.5 mL.
Aoid hemolysis and lipemia.

Analytical Time:
3 days

Days Set Up: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

CPT Information:
80299 –