Adrenocorticotropin (ACTH), Plasma

Useful For: Determination of ACTH is useful in differentiating between primary and secondary adrenocortical hypo- and hyperfunctional disorders: Addison’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal carcinoma, ectopic ACTH syndrome, and adrenal nodular hyperplasia.

Methodology: Electrochemiluminescence immunoassay (ECLIA)

Specimen Requirements: 1 lavender-top (EDTA) tube (minimum: 0.5 mL of EDTA plasma). Mix well. Separate plasma and FREEZE immediately. Send specimen frozen in plastic vial.

NOTE: Draw specimen between 7AM and 10 AM. If drawn any other time, the reference ranges do not apply.

Analytical Time:
3 days

Days Set Up: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

CPT Information:
82024 –

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