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What is the A-List?

A-LIST is designed as a search tool to aid in the selection of medically acceptable diagnostic codes for test groups included in the National Coverage Determination (NCD) and Local Coverage Determination (LCD) documents. The documents are in PDF format and easily searched. The responsibility for properly and correctly navigating the A-LIST for Medicare coding remains with the physicians and their staff. The A-LIST is simply a search tool offered for the convenience of physicians and not a substitute for the professional judgment required of the physicians. The use of this search tool constitutes a waiver of all claims against MMC, its affiliates and employees, arising from the use of the search tool and coding taken therefrom.

How do I find the diagnostic information I need?

The home page contains the following information:

  • Complete National Coverage Determination (NCD) document.
  • National Coverage Determination (NCD) test groups.
  • Local Coverage Determination (LCD) test groups.

Within each test group, there are 3 main documents:

  • Complete NCD/LCD specific to test group
  • Acceptable ICD-10 codes associated with MMC test
  • Details such as Description, Indications, and Limitations (Time-specific information and coding suggestions may be found in Details).

Additional Coding Guidelines for CMS tests referred to in this section are found in the front section of the complete NCD document.) To search for specific information, simply click on the desired category of the test group. A document will open in a PDF format.

Additional information, including shortcuts, can be found in this document.

National Coverage Determination (NCD)

The Medicare National Coverage Determinations (NCD) Coding Policy Manual and Change Report (ICD-10-CM) from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services provides complete NCD documentation.

Local Coverage Determination (LCD)


Local Coverage Determination (LCD) are written differently than the NCD documents. Some test groups have specific coverage determinations for each test, and some test groups have special conditions.

Test Group Coverage DeterminationCPTMMC TestsCode Lookup DocumentDetailsDate Published

Acute Hepatitis Panel / Hepatitis Panel
80074Hepatitis Panel W/Rfx, AcuteCode Lookup 190.33 NCD July 2022

82105AFP Tumor Marker, Serum Integrated Screen Part 2 Maternal Quad Screen Maternal Serum AFP Maternal Serum Screen 5 Code Lookup 190.25NCD July 2022

Allergy Testing
82785Gammaglobulin (immunoglobulin); IgECode Lookup A56558LCD 07/11/21
86003Allergen specific IgE, each allergen
Assays for Vitamins and Metabolic Function82180Assay of ascorbic acidCode Lookup A56416LCD 10/01/21
82306Vitamin D 25 hydroxy
82379Assay of carnitine
82607Vitamin B12
82652Vitamin D,1,25-Dihydroxy
82746Assay of folic acid serum
83090Assay of homocystine
83698Assay of lipoprotein pla2
84207Assay of vitamin B6
84252Assay of vitamin B2
84425Assay of vitamin B1
84446Assay of vitamin E
84590Assay of vitamin A
84597Assay of vitamin K
85385Fibrinogen antigen
86352Cell function assay w/ stim
Biomarkers Overview81162BRCA 1&2 seq & full dup/delCode Lookup

81227Cyp2c9 gene
81240F2 gene - Prothrombin gene
81241F5 gene - Factor V Leiden
81291Mthfr gene
81376 81382
HLA typing for celiac disease
81381HLA-B 5701
81355Vkorc1 gene
Biomarkers for Oncology81206/81207BCR/ABL geneCode LookupLCD

Blood Counts (This test group provides codes that DO NOT support medical necessity)85007CBC w/ Manual DiffCode Lookup 190.15NCD July 2022
85008Peripheral Smear
85013Hematocrit (Spun), Body Fluid
85014Hematocrit (Spun), Body Fluid
85025CBC With Auto Diff
85027Complete Blood Count CBC Without Diff
85048White Blood Count Total Eosinophil WBC Autodiff Eosinophil Absolute
85049Platelet Count

CA 15-3/CA 27.29Tumor Antigen by Immunoassay
86300Cancer AG 15-3 (CA15-3)

CA 15-3, CSF

Cancer Ag 27.29, Serum
Code Lookup 190.29NCD July 2022
CA 19-9 Tumor Antigen by immunoassay86301Carbohydrate AG 19-9(CA19-9) CA 19-9, CSFCode LookupNCD July 2022
CA 125 Tumor Antigen by immunoassay86301Cancer AG 125

CA 125 CSF

CA 125 Peritoneal Fluid

CA 125 Pleural Fluid
Code Lookup 190.28NCD July 2022
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)86301CEA

CEA, CSF Fluid

CEA, Pericardial Fluid

CEA, Peritoneal Fluid

CEA, Pleural Fluid
Code Lookup 190.26NCD July 2022
Collagen Crosslinks, Any Method82523Collegen Cross Linked, 24hr Ur Collagen Cross Linked,Random Collagen 1c-Telopep (CTX)Code Lookup 190.19NCD July 2022

C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
86141Cardio CRP
CRP, High Sensitivity
Code Lookup (hsCRP) (A56643)
LCD 11/07/19
Digoxin Therapeutic Drug Assay80162DigoxinCode Lookup 190.24NCD July 2022
Drug TestingG0480/G0481 G0482/G0483Each drug classification-confirmationCode Lookup A56645LCD 10/17/19
80305/80306 80307Drug Scrn Qualitive High Compl Urine Drug Screen-Conf (C.O.C) Alcohol Ethanol Except Breath
83789UDS Mult Drug Classes
Fecal Occult Blood Test86301Stool Occult Blood

Occult Blood-Colorectal Screen
Code Lookup ChartNCD July 2022
82272Stool Occ Blood Non ScreeningCode Lookup 190.34
Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT)82977GGTPCode Lookup 190.32NCD July 2022
Glucose (Blood) Testing82962Glucose MeterCode Lookup 190.20NCD July 2022
83036Glucose 2 Hr P P Glucose
Glycated Hemoglobin(A1C)/ Glycated Protein82985FructosamineCode Lookup 190.21NCD July 2022
83036A1C Hemoglobin
Histocompatibility Testing86812HLA-B27 AntigenCode LookupNCD Feb 2017
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)84702Total HCG

Integrated Screen Part 2

Maternal Quad Screen

Maternal Serum Screen 5

HCG Total, Non Pregnant
Code Lookup 190.27NCD July 2022
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Testing (Diagnosis)86689HIV AB


HIV-1 AB, Western Blot, Serum
Code Lookup 190.14NCD July 2022
86703HIV1/HIV2 AB, EIA SCR W/Rflx
87535HIV-1 RNA, QL TMA
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Testing (Prognosis Including Monitoring)87536HIV1 RNA QN, PCRCode Lookup 190.13NCD July 2022
Iron (Serum) Studies82728FerritinCode Lookup 190.18NCD July 2022
86301Iron Total Iron, 24hr Urine Mayo Iron, Liver Tissue
83550Total Iron Binding Cap & Iron

Iron & TIBC W/% Saturation
84466Transferrin, Serum

Carbohydrate Def Transferrin
Lipid Testing80061Lipid PanelCode Lookup 190.23NCD July 2022

Lipoprotein Fractionation

Lipid Phenotype Profile
83700Lipid Phenotype Profile
83701VAP TM Cholesterol

Lipoprotein Fractionation

83718HDL Cholesterol

VAP Tm Cholesterol

Lipoprotein Fractionation

Lipid Phenotype Profile

VLDL Cholesterol
83721LDL Cholesterol, Direct
Pap SmearP3000Pap SmearChartNCD July 2022
G0123Thin Prep Pap Screen Thin Prip Pap W/Rfx HPV
G0145T Prep Screen Rfx/Hpv (Imaged) Thin Prep Pap-Screen (Imaged)
Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT)85730DIC Screen (ITXM)

ITXM Lup Anti-Coag Pnl (ITXM) Lupus Anticoagulant Evaluation Lupus Coag Screen (ITXM) Mixing/Correction Studies

Partial Thromb Time PTT

Von Willebrand Panel

Von Willebrand Screen (ITXM)
Code Lookup 190.16NCD July 2022
Prostate Specific Antigen84153Prostatic Specific Antigen

PSA, Free & Total

PSA, Post-Prostatectomy
Code Lookup 190.31NCD July 2022
G0103Prostatic Specific Antigen, ScreenCode Lookup 190.31Chart
Prothrombin Time (PT)86301INR DIC Screen (ITXM)

ITXM Lup Anti-Coag Pnl (ITXM) Lupus Coag Screen (ITXM) Mixing/Correction Studies
Code Lookup 190.17NCD July 2022
Thyroid Testing84436Thyroxine (T4)Code Lookup 190.22NCD July 2022
86301Free T4

T4, Free Direct Dialysis

TSH 3rd Generation (High Sens) TSH With Reflex
84479T3 Uptake

T-Uptake (TBI)
Urine Culture, Bacterial87086Urine CultureCode Lookup 190.12NCD July 2022

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