Pennsylvanians Who Receive Medicaid Need to Renew It

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Open Enrollment is Happening Right Now

Meadville Medical Center would like to let people know if they have recently been found ineligible for Medicaid that Pennie’s Open Enrollment is happening now!

The time to act is NOW during the open enrollment period:

  • Pennsylvania’s Medicaid, Medical Assistance, has returned to pre-pandemic protocols, which means Pennsylvanians that receive Medicaid have to renew when it is their time.
  • For those that are deemed ineligible to continue to receive Medicaid, they are automatically transferred to Pennie, PA’s official health insurance marketplace.
  • From there, many can find high-quality health plans for very low cost.
  • Pennie gets you the lowest costs on high-quality health insurance.
  • For those that have been transferred to Pennie from Medicaid, half pay less than $50 a month and 1 in 5 pay less than $1 a month to cover their family.
  • If you lost Medicaid this year and missed your enrollment window, now is the only time to enroll in coverage for 2024. Pennie’s Open Enrollment is happening now, so act before January 15th to protect your health, family, and wallet!


What does “being uninsured” mean?

  • No financial protection in the case of injury or illness, and possibly medical debt
  • No preventive care to keep small health issues from becoming larger ones
  • No access to ongoing treatment for serious illnesses, like cancer or diabetes
  • No peace of mind that your quality of life is protected!


What if I don’t complete my Medicaid renewal?

If you do not complete your renewal by the due date, your state health coverage will end. You can still submit your renewal up to 90 days after the date your Medicaid coverage ends. You will receive a letter reminding you about completing your renewal during this 90-day period.  If you are still eligible, your coverage will reopen with no gap in coverage.

Don’t risk your coverage. Update your contact information, check your renewal date, or submit your renewal online using COMPASS.

What happens if I’m not eligible for Medicaid anymore?

Pennsylvanians who are no longer eligible for Medicaid will be automatically referred to other sources of affordable coverage like CHIP and Pennie, Pennsylvania’s official health insurance marketplace, to avoid any gap in quality, affordable health care. Individuals will receive communications about other coverage options after their Medicaid cases are closed.

Who can help me?

For Health Coverage Questions please call Lisa Cox, Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator
Meadville Medical Center/Community Health Services – (814)-333-1758.

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