Grant Opportunity for Local Nonprofits to Assist in Helping Youth

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Meadville, PA – The Meadville Medical Center Foundation announced today the grant opportunity for local nonprofits to assist in helping youth who have been affected by the broad consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community. This grant provides local nonprofits the opportunity to impact youth in our community in a positive way.

The Pandemic Youth Response Initiative is a two-year funding opportunity for one organization. In the first year $100,000 and in the second year $50,000. To commence or enhance opportunities that will help youth recover from delays and setbacks in their development.

“Countless children in our community have been negatively impacted by the consequences of the pandemic. Our goal is to assist as many young individuals as possible to recover from any social or academic delays and any effects to their overall or mental health,” stated Don Rhoten, President of Meadville Medical Center Foundation.

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