Planned Giving

The Foundation greatly appreciates and encourages future gifts made through one's estate or alternative options. Planned gifts, in which the Foundation's interest are irrevocable, are considered in the long-term planning of the Foundation. They are so meaningful that they can impact generations of patients at the Meadville Medical Center.

In addition to the most common type of planned gift, a Bequest, there are many other options that anyone can take advantage of, regardless of your current income or net worth.

Life Insurance

Naming the Foundation as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy can be an affordable way to make a significant impact in the health of your community!

Charitable Annuity

Through a simple contract between a donor and the Foundation, an individual who makes a certain level of a gift will receive fixed and guaranteed income. Payments may be received immediately for life or deferred for a future date. This is a great option for older individuals looking to get a guaranteed return, that in many cases will beat the market!

Charitable Remainder Trust

Based on the needs of a donor, Remainder Trusts are tailored to provide income for life or a term of years. These individually managed trust assets can be arranged for income or growth, depending on the donor or designated beneficiaries.

Charitable Lead Trust

The Foundation receives interest from the asset a donor contributes to the trust for a term of years. At the end of this period, the assets of the trust typically pass to younger family members. By making this "loan" to the Foundation, donors can significantly reduce their estate and gift taxes on transfers of wealth to their children and grandchildren.

Pooled Income Funds

By contributing to a pooled income fund, donors will receive the ordinary income earned by the fund on a quarterly basis for life and an income tax deduction equal to the present value of the amount the Foundation may expect to receive upon your death.

Please contact Don Rhoten at (814) 333-5936 to discuss your options.