Faces of Health

Faces of Health is a community engagement program designed to share stories with members of the community about individuals who have done something in their lives to promote living a healthy life style. Perhaps they have overcome a physical challenge or have done something inspirational to help others so that they may live an enriched life.

There are so many wonderful stories in our community and we are extremely pleased that we were given the opportunity to share some of the most inspiring with you during the past five years.

Later this month, we will be discontinuing the Faces of Health Program and starting a new program called; The Faces Behind YOUR MMC. This program will focus on the staff members of Meadville Medical Center and give you the opportunity to learn about some of their personal stories and their interests outside of work. Living in a small community, we want you to know more about the staff members that care for you, your family, neighbors and friends. It is always more reassuring if you can put a face to a name. We also will be featuring staff members that work everyday to provide services behind the scenes. We hope you will enjoy learning more about YOUR MMC.