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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Guide

Meadville Medical Center in collaboration with local government agencies has created an online resource guide for anyone seeking support in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

Three primary resources:

  1. 1. Comprehensive list of treatment providers for Crawford, Erie, Mercer and Venango Counties

  2. 2. Support Group Resource List

  3. 3. Interactive calendar with support meetings and locations

Should you or someone you know need immediate support please contact one the these hotlines:

24-hour Mental Health Crisis Hotline: 814-724-2732

There are also hotlines available for AA answering services: 

Meadville: 814-337-4019

Erie: 814-452-2675

Warren: 814-726-2345

Oil City: 800-227-2421

Sharon: 412-342-0612

If you have any resources that should be added to this guide please contact us.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Guide

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