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Sports Medicine


The Crawford County Sports Medicine program at MMC was developed in order to provide our local high schools and the community with a complete sports medicine system including the education, prevention, management, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries, accidents, and overuse conditions among athletes and physically active persons. The development of the program began in the Spring of 1997 after concerns were raised by the community when several serious injuries occurred in the local high schools. The call for help was made and MMC answered.

Under the direction of Vincent Paczkoskie, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, and Mike Carr, physical therapist and certified athletic trainer, the Sports Medicine program utilizes various medical professionals including primary care physicians, orthopedists, other physician specialties, certified athletic trainers, and sports physical therapists. These medical professionals, located mainly at MMC, along with the sports first aiders, coaches and athletic directors located within the high schools form the sports medicine team. The sports medicine team works together to accomplish the goals set for the program. The program goals include:

•Preventing and/or reducing the incidences of injuries and emergencies during sport and recreation activities.
•Educating coaches, athletic staffs, and physically active persons about sports injury management and emergency care.
•Providing a service for the high schools and the community which allows for the proper recognition, management, treatment, and rehabilitation of injured athletes and active persons by sports minded health care professionals.
•Providing a complete Sports Medicine system including: Education - Prevention - Management - Treatment – Rehabilitation.

These goals were set in order to meet the needs of our area high schools that have contracted through CCSM.

Crawford County Sports Medicine at the Meadville Medical Center provides many services for these area high schools. These include: 

•Free injury evaluations for high school athletes in grades 7-12 that participate in high school athletic activities at our injury clinics.
•Athletic training treatment, rehabilitation, and return to activity for injured high school athletes.
•Phone consultations with coaches, parents, or interested persons concerning injuries, conditional programs, or any related topic.
•Priority scheduling with area medical physicians and specialists as needed.
•Physical therapy treatment, rehabilitation, and return to activity for injured athletes and active persons with appropriate referrals.
•Coverage of our local high school practices, competitions, and tournaments as availability permits.
•Development of the Sports First Aider program in our high schools

Injury Clinics are held mid-August through mid-June at the Vernon Center location on Wednesdays from 3:30pm - 8:30pm and Saturdays from 8:00am to 1:00pm.

The Sports First Aider (SFA) program is a cooperative commitment by Meadville Medical Center and the three local districts. The SFA are hired through the Medical Center and are a direct extension of the certified athletic trainers (ATC). They provide injury recognition and initial treatment through first aid measures at high school practices and competitions. Also the SFA communicates these injuries back to the ATC at the Medical Center. The SFAs have attended special training for their positions.

The Meadville Medical Center feels it is important to have a Sports Medicine program available to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all high school student athletes and active community members involved in sports and recreational activities.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What should I do after suffering an injury?
The best principle to follow is PRICE:

P = protection: Protect the area from further injury.
R = rest: Avoid irritating the area until pain is diminished.
I = ice: Ice the injured area 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for 48-72 hours after injury.
C = compression: Wrap the injury with an ace bandage or other wrap to prevent    increased swelling.
E = elevate: Raise the injured area above the heart to reduce blood flow and swelling.
When can I put heat on an injury?
Heat can be applied 48-72 hours after the injury occurred or when active swelling has stopped (may be more than 72 hours).

When should I return to activity?
Return to activity should occur when the pain in the injured area is gone, motion is normal and strength has returned. This may be 2 days to 6 weeks depending on the injury. Proper treatment and rehabilitation can facilitate healing, prevent future re-injury and decrease time spent out of activity.

What is the best way to prevent injuries?
The best way to prevent injuries is to perform a proper warm-up and stretching session prior to the activity and to cool down afterwards.

Warm up: 5-10 minutes of light jogging or bicycling
Stretching: stretch the muscles to be used 2 to 3 times each holding 15-20 seconds (don't bounce)
Cool down: after activity do 5 minutes of light jogging followed by light stretching. The cool down followed by stretching helps decrease muscle soreness later.

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American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine
American College of Sports Medicine
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