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Emergency Department

The Emergency Department at Meadville Medical Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is staffed with licensed physicians and registered nurses at all times, ready and prepared to care for you and your family should you need us. The Emergency Department utilizes the Tri-State Regional Trauma System for transfers and is integrated with regional trauma centers.

Emergency medicine is a multidimensional discipline that offers various levels of care to patients in the Emergency Department. The Emergency Department staff has been trained in the handling of hazardous materials to cover any possible industrial accident that could potentially occur in the Meadville area.

The Emergency Department has assisted in the training of the EMT and PARAMEDIC professionals who service Meadville and surrounding communities. The Emergency Department is also the Base Medical Command Center for the ambulance services.

Outreach into our community is important to Meadville Medical Center. The emergency department staff has gone to local schools and taught children seat-belt safety, use of bicycle helmets, avoidance of drug/alcohol use and cigarette smoking, and many first-aid programs.

The Emergency Department is often the first step for patients who use the broader range of care that Meadville Medical Center provides, and may require admission to the Medical Center. The Emergency Department interacts with all other specialties and is often referred to as the "FRONT DOOR OF THE HOSPITAL". 

Contact Information

First Floor of the Liberty Street Facility

Phone Number
(814) 333-5500

We Are There

We are there when your child wakes up screaming in the middle of the night with an ear infection.

We are there for your parents when they become ill and are sent to us from the nursing home.

We are there to help you breathe when asthma attacks without warning.

We are there to give you the clot-busting drugs for your heart attack or stroke.

We are there in the back of the ambulance with you when you need to go elsewhere for specialized care.

We are there ready to jump-start your heart if everything stops.

And we are there grieving with you and your family when all attempts to save your loved one's life have failed. We, too, feel the loss.

The Emergency Department is ready and prepared to be there, constantly serving the Meadville community and respond to medical emergencies.

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