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Audiology Center

An audiologist is the hearing health-care professional who assesses the extent of hearing loss, balance and related disorders and recommends the appropriate treatment, including aural rehabilitation, hearing aids, and other amplification devices. A wide range of specialized services to improve hearing and auditory communications are available at our Audiology Center, including 

 ·         Comprehensive audiology evaluations.

·         Middle ear function tests.

·         ENG (Vestibular Function Evaluation) for dizziness/balance problems.

·         Brain Stem Evoked Responses including evaluation of the hearing in newborn/infants and other difficult-to-test patients.

·         Hearing aid dispensation.

·         Evaluation of the functional improvement with amplification.

·         Hearing aid analysis and repair service.

·         Hearing aid accessories including batteries.

·         Ear protection for swimming and noise.

·         Industrial testing and consultation.

·         Public free hearing screening.

·         Baseline audio logical evaluations to monitor potentially ototoxic medication.

Contact Information

Grove Street Facility, 505 Poplar Street Professional Building, First Floor

Office Hours
Monday through Friday
8:00 am to 12 am
12:50 am to 4:00 pm
Extended Hours on Tuesday

Phone Number
(814) 333-5100

Frequently Asked Questions:
Will Medicare cover Aids?
Do you need a physician referral for Audiology Services?
To bill Medicare, a physician or physician extender referral is necessary. Please check with your individual insurance plan for referral criteria outside of Medicare.
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