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Family Planning Services

Family Planning Services' main purpose is to provide reproductive health care to its patients. All Family Planning patients will receive exams which include pap smears, instruction on breast self examination, STD screening, and laboratory tests, as well as information on all methods of contraception. Our staff is committed to helping individuals to plan on having children when they want them, when they are best able to afford them, and when they can love them most.

Who can come to Family Planning?
The services are available to anyone regardless of age, sex, race, marital status, income, legal residence, or national origins.

How much will it cost?
Patients are charged for the services at the time of their visit using a sliding fee scale. You may be eligible for reduced fees or free care depending upon your age, family income, and family size.

How do I make an appointment?
Appointments may be scheduled during office hours which are 8:00am-5:00pm daily by calling (814) 333-7088.

What if I am not ready to have children?
Contraceptive methods can be provided on-site after you have made an informed choice about the method which you prefer. A physical examination and lab tests are done to help the medical practitioner determine the safest method for you and your partner.

What if I have all the children I want?
Our staff is available to explain permanent methods of birth control to you and your partner. We can assist in making arrangements for you to have a vasectomy (male), or to have your tubes tied (female).

What if I think I'm pregnant?
An appointment can be made at Family Planning for pregnancy testing. Results can be received the same day from a urine specimen. Counseling will be given to assist in learning about resources available for further medical care.

What if I'm worried about infection or venereal disease?
"Sexually transmitted disease" (STD), is a term that includes many diseases or infections that can be passed from one person to another sexually. If you feel that you or your partner may have symptoms of STD, it is very important that you seek medical attention for diagnosis and treatment. The Family Planning staff will provide information, examination, and treatment if you have an infection or disease.

Do you offer other services for women?
The HealthyWoman Project can offer pelvic exams, pap smears, clinical breast exams, and mammograms at no cost for women 40 and over who cannot afford them. There are also funding sources available if additional testing or procedures are needed.

Community Awareness
Qualified staff members can provide educational programming to increase community awareness on a variety of topics: women's health care, contraception, and services of Family Planning. Factual information for parents who need help in teaching their children about sexuality is also available.

Contact Information
Family Planning Services is located at 747 Terrace Street, Meadville, PA 16335 and can be contacted by calling (814) 333-7088.

This service is sponsored by Community Health Services, Inc. Family Planning is supported in part by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Adagio Health.

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