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Meadville Pain Management

Patient –Centric Care……Medical Expertise…..Dedicated Team of Professionals

Mission Statement:  To be a quality pain practice, proactively engaged in the medical needs of the Greater Crawford County region, and provide the highest standards of healthcare services to all our patients with care and compassion.

Vision Statement:  To be a model pain management practice excelling in patient care and satisfaction, medical expertise, and business practices for the betterment of our community and the lives of our patients.

Why Meadville Pain Management?   Dr. Heath Fallin is dual boarded in anesthesiology and pain management by the American Society of Anesthesiology.  Under his guidance, Meadville Pain Management is constantly searching for the latest information, technology, and medical advancements in pain to treat our patients.  We pride ourselves in bringing our patients the best treatments possible in a professional and caring atmosphere. 

Who we serve:  Dr. Fallin and his staff serve patients in the Greater Crawford County Region suffering from chronic pain due to disease or injury.  We also treat cancer pain patients, patients who are surgical candidates, and those receiving palliative care.  Meadville Pain Management has a patient-centric approach by listening to patients’ concerns and incorporating their goals and desires into their treatment plan.

Interventional Therapies:

Epidural injection

Trigger point injection

Facet steroid injection

Joint injections

Radiofrequency treatments

Nerve blocks

Spinal cord stimulator trials

Peripheral nerve stimulator trials

Intrathecal pump implants

Tailored medication management

Minimally Invasive Therapy:

Procedures done on an outpatient basis

No incisions

Rapid recovery

Performed in a fully equipped, state of the art procedure suite or the OR

Exceptional accuracy optimized by fluoroscopy guidance

Patient able to resume normal activities the day of their injection


Contact Information

1015 Grove Street
Meadville Pa 16335

Office Hours
By Appointment

Phone Number
(814) 337-5894

Fax Number
(814) 337-7082

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I come to Meadville Pain Management?

You can expect a warm welcome.  Your care is our top priority and to get you established with our practice, you will first be evaluated by one of our physician assistants.  This evaluation will include a thorough examination and discussion including your past medical history, pain history, and treatments prior to coming to Meadville Pain Management.  Prior diagnostic studies will be reviewed.  The physician assistants work very closely with Dr. Fallin to ensure your treatment plan fits your individual needs.

What should I expect if I am given an injection?

Spinal injection is a minimally invasive therapy with rapid recovery.  You are usually able to resume normal activities the day of your injection.  Our clinical staff works closely with each patient to coordinate care that meets your individual medical needs.

Do I need a physician referral? 

Yes.  Meadville Pain Management requires a patient be referred by another physician, so we may coordinate your care and give you the best treatment possible.

Will my insurance cover my treatment?

It is highly recommended that you check with your insurance to see what your plan covers.  Meadville Pain Management is a subsidiary of Meadville Medical Center, so it is contracted with most of the same insurance carriers.  Because of our relationship with the Hospital, two bills will be generated by your visit.  One is for the professional services of the physician and the other is a facility charge from the hospital.

What will I need to bring with me to my initial appointment?

You will need your current insurance card, current driver’s license, and the papers that you have filled out from your new patient packet you receive in the mail.  You will also need any medical records or CD’s  you were given to bring with you by your referring physician.

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