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Caring People Touching Lives
During the past 30 years, dramatic changes have taken place in the health care delivery system. New knowledge and complex technologies have reshaped the nursing practice, opening up new roles and opportunities. At Meadville Medical Center, the RNs and LPNs are shaping the future of nursing and health care. Nursing has become a challenging profession for men and women who want to choose from a variety of roles, not only in direct patient care but in administration, teaching, research or a combination of these. Because these changes have come about so quickly, many people are not aware of them.

Nurses are uniquely qualified to play an integral part in this transformation process. Never before have so many opportunities existed for nurses to take a leadership position in the evolutionary process of our health care industry. As a catalyst for change, their role is to integrate traditional delivery systems with preventive health technologies in order to provide full continuum of care to the consumer. David Shaffer, Chief Nurse Executive, ties this idea to Meadville Medical Center by saying, "We can handle most of the same procedures and care that a large institution can. The hospital as a whole, as well as our excellent nursing staff, are keeping up with the times." Nursing success rests on their ability and commitment to embrace change and take on the active management of their own careers.

Earlier emphasis was on care of the sick; now promotion of health is being stressed. From the time a patient is admitted, discharge planning begins. It is the nurse's job to teach the patient and his family and to prepare him to go home. During this mechanical-like routine, the personal side is never lost.

Each year goals for nursing care are established, monitored and evaluated. Positive patient outcomes are the focus of all nursing care goals formulated from Evidence Based Practice. Quality outcomes are monitored to ensure excellent patient care.

Nurse staffing goals are established, monitored and evaluated to provide optimum nursing care to our patients. These goals are based on historical data, criticality of patient needs, and established industry norms. Patients are provided nursing care within these goals by competent and skilled nursing staff.

Nursing Mission Statement

Meadville Medical Center’s nursing staff is composed of compassionate professionals who provide exceptional quality patient care based on best practices.

Nursing Vision Statement

MMC nurses strive to be renowned for their expertise in the delivery of compassionate patient care through a commitment to professional growth, work excitement, state-of-the-art technology, and evidence-based practice. This is accomplished in a supportive environment in which to grow professionally through education, collaboration and professional practice.

The Nursing Department functions within the legal framework of the nursing profession. The Department utilizes the standards of practice as identified in the Pennsylvania Professional Nursing Act. Standards of practice are also identified from guidelines set forth by The Joint Commission, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, insurance companies, and acceptable community practice.

An holistic approach is used to encompass the entire patient's physical as well as psychosocial situation. Priorities of nursing care include such concepts as individualized care, patient dignity, patient rights, and patient/family education.

Nursing care is designed to support improvement and innovation in nursing practice. Nursing care is provided in support of the hospital's mission and vision.

Quality improvement is an integral part of the Nursing Department and is included in the various patient care units as they identify areas of potential improvement. Extensive quality improvement education has been afforded to the nursing management team as well as to the nursing staff members.

Patient satisfaction is a very important part of the nursing care delivery concept. Ongoing improvement activities are used to improve our care and service to our customers and to enhance patient outcomes.

Shared Decision Making (Governance) is the Professional Practice Model. The nursing staff is encouraged to become involved in various councils that make decisions on how nursing care is provided. Nursing staff have an active voice in decision-making regarding nursing care. Organization wide and unit specific councils are instrumental in implementing evidence based practice in patient care. Meadville Medical Center provides opportunities at several colleges and universities for further education. The Medical Center supports many educational endeavors for the staff.

Nursing staff recruitment and retention is enhanced by many strategies which include, but are not limited to:

    •Shared Decision Making
    •Council Structure and Participation
    •Vacation Benefits
    •Educational Assistance
    •Cross Utilization of Staff
    •Cross Training
    •Sick Time/Holiday Pay
    •Orientation Plan
    •Job Posting/Transfer Process
    •Leave of Absence Policy
    •Personal Days
    •Pharmacy Benefit
    •Seminars, Workshops
    •Shift Differential
    •Weekend Differential
    •Social Activities
    •Nurse Scheduling
    •Certification - examination, educational assistance
    •Graduate Professional Nurse Examination Benefits

    Contact Information
    The Nursing Administration office is located at the Liberty Street facility on the Ground Floor. The Chief Nurse Executive is David Shaffer, and he can be reached at (814) 333-5534.

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